20 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Geek

Valentine’s Day. That can be a tough one in the land of the Geeks. But don’t worry. We’re here to help you find the perfect gift for that special geek in your life. And if you’re a geek looking for something to wow your special non-geek, we’ve got a couple of ideas in here for you too.

Take a look at our top picks:

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Be Mine: Written On My Heart

This year Valentine’s Day is a little sadder than normal for a lot of us. I am not talking about the single geeks who always must endure the syrupy sweet bitterness of a lonely heart on February 14th. I am talking about the lack of Necco Conversation Hearts to share with that special someone.

I can still remember those elementary school days where we swapped valentines and if you were lucky maybe that special someone you had your eye on would give you a small green heart with “Be Mine” or “Kiss Me” stamped on it. I remember getting a box of them and going to school and doling out the tiny symbols of my affection to all of the little girls I had hopes of getting to hold my hand. If I was really lucky maybe I would get my name written in a paper fortune teller (look that one up if you don’t remember them).

You see, last year Necco, who had been making these staples of Valentine’s Day treats since 1902, went out of business leaving a hole in the hearts of little boys everywhere. In 2018 when they closed, Necco was producing billions of Sweethearts candies every year. In fact, according to Candystore.com (Link), the candy hearts business represents almost 1.8B in sales every year. The popular Sweethearts may make a comeback next year as they were bought by another company, Spangler Candy Company. This year there is a shortage as existing stocks of the beloved candies dwindle, and prices begin to creep up ($25 for a 5lb bag). 


Necco Sweethearts

Candy companies like Brach’s are looking to fill the gaps but to me, it still won’t be the same. I will have to be satisfied with telling my kids the ole “back when I was your age…” stories, scouring Amazon for some reasonably priced Necco candy, and waiting for next year to see if I can convince GeekMom to “Kiss Me” with a tiny green candy heart.

We lost the boy at Disney, Again

I know.  Losing your child once at a location can happen to anybody.  But losing them a second time takes a special kind of person.  Or family in this case.

I would like to point out up front that neither this loss nor the first one were in any way due to neglect.  I don’t need anybody reporting us to Family Services. We have an overly energetic, highly intelligent, boy who takes great pleasure in making his parents look like lunatics.  Seriously. Continue reading

Add a Password Manager to Your Geek Toolbelt

Join GeekDad for some advice on why you should add a Password Manager to your Geek Toolbelt.

We have a lot of online accounts and therefore we have lots of passwords. The majority of people use very weak passwords and reuse them on different websites. This makes them vulnerable to hackers. Using a password manager is the best way to keep track of all these passwords while at the same time making sure those passwords are strong and secure.

Password managers store your login information for all the websites you use and help you log into them automatically. They encrypt your password database with a master password – the master password is the only one you have to remember.

Stop Slamming the Door!

No!  You can’t make me do it!  SLAM

I hate you!  SLAM

I don’t want to go to my room!  SLAM SLAM SLAM SLAM

Maybe it’s just us, but door slamming has from time to time been a serious issue in our house.  My kids have each at different points in their lives felt that this was the ultimate way to inform their father and me of their intense displeasure about a given situation. So I decided to find a solution. Continue reading

We lost the boy at Disney

We love Disney.  I truly can’t say that enough.  We are a Disney family and we love visiting our home away from home.  But even the best visits, the most magical visits, have their not so great moments.  This particular not so great moment happened as we were preparing to leave. Continue reading

Banana Slugs and Scratch-n-Sniff and Oogi, Oh My!!

Join the Geek Family for a review of the January 2019 Theraplay Sensory Box. When you have kids that are on the Autism Spectrum it can be a challenge to find appropriate toys and tools to help them master fine motor skills, regulate their emotions or just have some fun. We will help you find some new tools for your sensory toolbox.

It Shouldn’t Be This Hard

It Shouldn't Be This Hard

Our frying pan died. It was a natural death. A part fell off and it was no longer useful.

This loss led my husband and me to discuss the state of our cookware. This, in turn, led to me pulling all the cookware out of the cabinet, with the lids, so we could further discuss which items were no longer useful or needed to be replaced. And that discussion led to a cleaner cabinet, a few more pots and pans in the dead pile, and a need to buy 3 non-stick saucepans. Continue reading

Trip The Light Fantastic With GeekMom

GeekMom will show you how to make a quick and simple Mary Poppins Returns hat. Everyone loves the classic Mary Poppins hat but GeekMom loves the new hat as well. She provides information on materials as well as how to instructions to make it Practically Perfect in Every Way. Great for kid’s costumes, Halloween or cosplay.