DragonCon 2019

The Geek Family spent Labor Day weekend at DragonCon. DragonCon is the largest pop-culture convention and has something for everyone. Cosplay, comics, gaming, science fiction, fantasy, art, science, political science, robot wars and puppetry. It takes place every year during the Labor Day weekend and is spread out over 5 Atlanta hotels and the America’s Mart.

New School Anxiety

This year the boy had to change schools. Not because we moved. Not because he is leaving elementary and going to middle school. No, it’s just the way the exceptional kids program works in our district.

Just in case you’re new to our blog, I’ll catch you up. We have two kids on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum. The girl is in high school and the boy is in elementary.

Thankfully, I don’t have to worry quite as much about the girl these days. During her earlier years we were in a different school system where one of their big focuses was to teach our daughter how to advocate for herself. Since we’ve moved and she started a new school this ability has been huge. We are still there to support her and help her make decisions. But at those times that we can’t be by her side we know she can speak up and tell teachers or fellow students what she needs. BIG win. Continue reading

Where do Kazoos Come From?

On a recent Geek Family vacation, we took a side trip to Kazoobie Kazoos in Beaufort, SC. We learned the history of the kazoo, how they are assembled and even got to make our very own kazoos. Come join us on our kazoo adventure.

While the kazoo is over 150 years old, Kazoobie Kazoos has been providing the world with plastic kazoos since 1999. The quirky instrument is molded in Florida, assembled in South Carolina, and then shipped to over 30 countries. Stephen Murray, CEO of America’s only plastic kazoo factory, enjoys telling people that he gets to “sell fun for a living.”

Special Thanks to:

Kazoobie Kazoos LLC
12 John Galt Road
Beaufort, SC 29906


Back to School

OK. I want to get this out in the open.

I Am Strange.

I am a strange person. I am a strange daughter. I am a strange wife. And more than anything else, I am a strange mom.

And guess what? I’m OK with it. My family is OK with it. But I guess they don’t know any better so that might not be saying much. Continue reading

Blue Ridge, Expedition: BigFoot and Frog Island (A Geek Family Adventure)

Join the Geek Family of 5 on a Geek Family vacation to Blue Ridge, GA. Come along with us as we spend the July 4th weekend in beautiful Blue Ridge, GA. We rented a 100-Year-old farmhouse for the weekend and spent our time chasing tadpoles, splashing in the creek, watching fireworks and check out the local sights. We visited the BigFoot Research Center and were surprised to find out how awesome it was.


When the girl was little she was very hard to understand. This is not uncommon for kids who are on the Autism Spectrum. Many are completely non-verbal so we were truly blessed that our girl was even partially communicating. And, as her parents, we were able to understand most of her words. Friends and family, however, had some difficulty. Continue reading

Mommy, I show you….

My boy can say the sweetest things.

“You make the best tacos mommy.”

“I love you to the stars and back again.”

He can also say some very scary things. They don’t seem scary on the surface but trust me, they are.

“Don’t worry mommy, I’ll make your hair look beautiful.”

“It’s ok mommy, it’s just a little poop.”

But one Saturday morning when he was about 2 ½ I heard a phrase that proved to be very scary. You see, he woke me when he ran in our room calling my name. He was excited about something and I was very tired. With my eyes closed I reached out toward him to try to determine what was going on. That’s when I discovered something odd. Continue reading

Walt Disney World – Hidden Vacation Gem

Join the Geek Family of 5 as we visit Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort. Our family was looking for a quick getaway and Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort offered us the perfect destination.

This deluxe island resort offers a relaxing family friendly stay in a rustic and beautifully themed resort. There are not any giant theme parks nearby, but Disney magic still fills the air as there are plenty of kid events and activities. There are also adult activities and Hilton Head Island is also world-renowned as a golfing destination.

We found crystal clear pools, great food, relaxing hammocks, and awesome Disney Cast members ready to make our vacation extra special. The resort offers studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom units and while it is actually a Disney Vacation Club property, non-members can book accommodations there.

This hidden Disney gem fits the bill for a relaxing, family friendly place to rest and recharge away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Come join us on this new Geek Family Adventure.

JoJo and Goliath

If you had a young child in the early 2000’s, and spent any time watching Playhouse Disney, if you may remember a show called JoJo’s Circus. It was a Claymation style show about a little clown girl named, of course, JoJo. Her parents were clowns. She had a pet lion names Goliath. She lived in a circus town and went to a circus school. And her friends were all different types of circus performers. Continue reading