About Us

  Hi!  My name is Tracy and I play the role of Mom in an awesome Geek Family.  Most definitions of the word geek are kind of awful.  They call us “inept”, “carnival performers”, and “generally disliked”.  How sad is that?  

I’ve decided I like one of the definitions from the Urban Dictionary:   “One who passionately engages in one or more things to extreme levels.”

Now that’s an accurate description.  We’re a geek family and proud to claim the title.  Our passions are kind of all over the place.  Computers, games, books, movies, comics, music (we all LOVE music), trains, sci-fi, math, science, history, gastronomy, Disney, and so much more.  

We’re also a family with many challenges.  Our daily lives include Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Anxiety, Sensory Processing issues, Diabetes, and Thyroid disease.  Too say we’ve got a lot going on is an understatement.  But our lives are never dull.

Here’s the bottom line.  We eat out too much, look for the unusual and interesting activities around us, get really loud, and laugh a lot.  If our stories can bring a smile to your face or help you learn something new then our goals are met.  So welcome to our crazy journey through life.