JoJo and Goliath

If you had a young child in the early 2000’s, and spent any time watching Playhouse Disney, if you may remember a show called JoJo’s Circus. It was a Claymation style show about a little clown girl named, of course, JoJo. Her parents were clowns. She had a pet lion names Goliath. She lived in a circus town and went to a circus school. And her friends were all different types of circus performers.

This was one of our daughter’s favorite shows. Even when her speech was limited, she could say JoJo. And she loved to sing the theme song.

When she was little, we were new Disney Vacation Club members and we were going to Disney World a couple of times a year. And we were able to schedule our trips at off peak times because she wasn’t in school yet. It was great and everything was magical.

The girl wasn’t excited about the character meet and greats. She was pretty small and they were really big. So we usually skipped all of those character lines. No problem. More time for rides.

But one morning, after waltzing past the characters and their long wait lines in the courtyard at Hollywood studios, we turned the corner toward Little Mermaid and found two characters all on their own. It was JoJo and Goliath.

My girl lit up like a sparkler. She ran over and hugged them both. She got JoJo’s autograph in her autograph book. She talked and talked even though no one could understand her.

The character wranglers turned on some music. JoJo and Goliath started dancing and the girl joined right in. Then they started blowing bubbles and there was a bubble popping party. It was beyond magical.

For about 15 minutes we had my daughter’s favorite characters all to ourselves. No lines. No one waiting for us to get out of the way. No one telling us our time was up. Just a little girl and a red headed clown and a silly lion.

These are the moments that bring Disney magic alive for our family. It’s not about how many things we buy or rides we ride. When we move at our own pace and enjoy simply being in a place where anything can happen, we often find magic just around the corner.


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