It Shouldn’t Be This Hard

It Shouldn't Be This Hard

Our frying pan died. It was a natural death. A part fell off and it was no longer useful.

This loss led my husband and me to discuss the state of our cookware. This, in turn, led to me pulling all the cookware out of the cabinet, with the lids, so we could further discuss which items were no longer useful or needed to be replaced. And that discussion led to a cleaner cabinet, a few more pots and pans in the dead pile, and a need to buy 3 non-stick saucepans.

Yes, 3 saucepans is a very specific number. But that’s what we decided we needed.

Where does one go at 10:30 pm when you have decided you need new saucepans? To Amazon, of course. That magical place where all the things you never knew you needed (but now that you know they exist they are absolutely necessary to your survival) can be found. You can find anything and everything on Amazon. Except for apparently 3 reasonably priced saucepans with lids.

Ok, that’s not entirely true. I should be more specific. You can find 3 saucepans with lids. What you can’t find is a SET of 3 non-stick saucepans with lids that are reasonably priced.

I know it sounds like I’m making this up but I’m not. The more we looked the more frustrated my husband became. And the more frustrated he became the more amused I became. The experience was so strange it was just hysterically funny.

We found a set of saucepans with no lids. We found a set with lids but the 3 quart was a casserole, not a saucepan. We found sets that had more pieces than we wanted but did include the size saucepans we needed. We found sets that were stainless and copper and cast iron but not non-stick. The one set that met all our requirements was a set of pastel multi-colored ceramic-coated saucepans that cost $80. My husband does not want pastel colored cookware. (Yes, we split the cooking, so he gets a say in this one.)

We tried refining our search terms. We tried looking for specific brands. We tried Googling specific brands outside of Amazon only to be directed back to Amazon.

It should not be this hard to buy 3 saucepans.

We found individual pans in the sizes we wanted that were non-stick and had lids. But here’s another funny thing. We couldn’t find them all in the same brand. One brand had a 1 qt non-stick, a 2.3 qt stainless, and a 3 qt casserole. Another had only the 3 qt in the non-stick. We ended up with 3 pans from 3 different brands. But I think we did manage to get them all in black.

Even after we found 3 saucepans that would fit our needs, we continued to search in the hopes that maybe we had just missed something obvious. This is where things got even funnier for me. So, you can buy a 15-piece set of cookware for about $50. But the 3 non-stick saucepans (with lids) that don’t match each other cost us $40. How does that math work? And the whole time my husband kept saying “Are they messing with me? They’re messing with me, right? Surely somewhere on Amazon, there’s a set of 3 saucepans.”

Apparently, there is not.


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